An Artistic Statement

        Raised as a Floridian who knew nothing more than a flat piece of land suitable to play ball in. Now with a great respect for extreme season changes, slopes, rushing waters, and extreme conditions, Lawrence has adapted to mountain living and dedicated to capturing nature into digital files and extending the capture to mixed media art. Lawrence's desire is to share his findings with the world; in homes, offices, places of interest, just to show the great value of our natural resources.

       Lawrence never had time for gazing at the magnificance of nature until his career brought him to the natural environment of Western North Carolina. With a business degree later in life he discovered that expanding expertise in business was great,  but gaining knowledge of nature, God's creation, was the greatest. Now he wants to share his discoveries with you. Not always massive or monumental, but always found through the mind's eye.  

      Lawrence Crawford Photography/Art is based in a magnificent location where adventure in total nature is just outside the front door.  All Lawrence work is original, captured on on location; the images are real and sometimes enhanced to the degree that Lawrence has interpreted them to be in person. Please contact or purchase through this website, by phone, or email. Lawrence personally creates all pieces of the works you will see. Framing is normally left to the purchaser but, if you are interested in framing of any pieces at any size, Lawrence can make that happen. Shipping is available within the United States mainland and beyond.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Interested in personal portraits, events, and landscapes being done for you personally, please contact Lawrence at your convenience.